My name is Grinnell and I’m a home remodeling enthusiast! I particularly love the European/Spanish style of decorative door, and I wanted to share my experiences and recommendations as I pursued this path for my own home remodeling.

When I was planning on making some upgrades to my home, I went overboard. I started becoming down at all of the changes I would not be able to afford to make. Then it dawned on me that I was approaching this fun project all the wrong ways.

Instead, I needed to shift my focus and look at ways to transform my space in utilitarian ways. in other words, if I were going to make a change, it had better serve a function as well as a design or stylistic need.

Like a fine dessert gives a hint of its flavor with a touch of fruit, or a mint leaf, a decorative door hints at the interior. That was one of the best decisions I made.

To show off my transformation from confused present-day back to Spanish, I started with the door. A heavy wood paneled door with wrought iron features tipped off the world to the rounded archways and stucco interior. Yes, I was going back to its roots.

From there I added new doors in the back, and sides of my house too. They were able to play their role beautifully while maintaining the Spanish theme.


Different Types Of Decorative Doors And Pricing

I am looking to renovate an older home that I recently inherited and I have come to the point where I want to start shopping for different types of decorative doors. The doors that are in place right now are in varying conditions, including a front door that is starting to splinter around the bottom and a weak back door that is an intrusion hazard.

While is it not necessary to have a barrier door on any entryway to the house, I would like the doors to be both functional and decorative. I was looking at some that offer textured and tinted glass, while others will have wrought iron details that really make them stand out from all of the rest. I am simply having a difficult time while trying to determine which is my favorite to go just right with the look and feel of the home. Is there some sort of application or computer program that I can use to superimpose a picture of the decorative door onto a picture of my home?

I would like to have as much insight as I possibly can on finding different types of decorative doors that are also going to be safe and secure.