I am someone who really loves to invest in decorative doors. This is something that I started to get into when I bought my first home. Buying my very own home made me want to make it look a certain way and the best way to make a home more “homely” is by changing its doors. The very first thing that I chose to do was add french doors. Then it was on to cabinets and anything else that I could improve within my budget.

For those of you who are looking for decorative doors such as french doors I would suggest working with a local dealer. They usually have a great selection and can give you the personal care that online dealers can’t. We had such a great experience with our cabinet refinisher, Bravo Resurfacing that we won’t do the online shopping for something so important, because they’re more invested in the project. The more time you spend with your local contractor, the better off you will be. Talk with them, explain what you’re looking for, and let them know your budget. You will be able to get better service, as well as find the best deal and save a lot more money making sure that the purchase is well worth every penny.