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Commercial Doors for Contractors & Building Owners

Hollow Metal Doors & Frames

We have knock down and welded door frames to fit almost any opening. We offer 3 piece KD Knock Down frames in both drywall and concrete block wall sizes. We can also provides custom door frames for front door style openings. These frames can include windows on both the top and sides as well as special configurations for mullions, wide doors and opposing door swings.


Commercial wood doors

A solid core wood door is made with solid wood around the outside for strength, combined with a particle board or mineral core then laminated with wood skin on the outside to create a beautiful finished wood door. Pre-finishing & custom machining available along with 20, 45 & 90 minute fire rating.


Timley Interior Steel Door Frames

Timely prefinished steel door frames are an ideal solution for most interior commercial drywall applications. Designed for commercial and institutional use in offices, hotels, schools, hospitals and health care facilities. Our 3 piece knock down frames including snap on steel casing for a professional look.

Commercial Door Hardware

Commercial grade door hardware including closers, door levers, door knobs, deadbolts, Hinges, exit devices and electronic digital locks

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